"farming in the ninties"


Soil preparation is done using two 30' Landoll Tilloll 876's powered by a 1983 Steiger 1360 and a 1997 John Deere 9400.

The 24 row John Deere Max Emerge 2 planter powered by a 1997 John Deere 8300 follows closely to keep moisture loss at a minimum.

The rotary hoe and 60' Great Plains sprayer powered by a JD 1983 4450 are the next step in assuring weed control.


The bean harvest is completed by two John Deere 9600 combines and the help of a Brent 770 grain cart pulled by a John Deere 8300. The majority of the corn harvest is done by one John Deere 9600 and a twelve row head. We keep the ground tilled behind the combine with a Landoll Tilloll 2200 powered by a John Deere 9400. The grain is kept away from the combines with two semi's and one ten wheeler. We like to fall apply nitrogen to the well drained ground to avoid compaction and lighten the spring work load. Fall Nitrogen prices are normally cheaper than spring nitrogen prices.