herd sires

4S Renewal-72nd Reserve National Champion
WTK 37A Beyond 95D- maternal brother to Bond
Remitall Energizer 153E-great females
MSU BR Jackson 43J-Keynote son
LF L24W Renew L24K-2002 National Reserve Intermediate Champion
Remitall Online 122L-Two Time National Champion Bull
Remitall Lion King 252L ET -maternal brother to Online
LF BH Dial Up ET-2004 National Fall Calf Champion
BH Connection-2004 National Jr. Calf Champion
BR DM Channing ET-2004 National Reserve Spring Calf Champion
UPS Journey 1ET 42472283-2005 National Reserve Fall Calf Champion
CRR 4037 Flash 742 42797759-2008 National Reserve Junior Calf Champion
Harvie DAN T-Bone 196T 42843277-sire Aberdeen, Harvie MS Firefly 65P dam
Harvie DAN Ricochet 167U 42968189-2009 National Reserve Spring Calf Champion
Harvie Woodstock 116W 43056710-low birth weight, super sire and dam
Bar-H Achiever 22W 43043275-stout and sound
JDH Victor 719T 33Z 43294080-2013 Denver Carload Lead Bull
KTP C&M Legacy 2002 43313593-National Reserve Division champion
CRR 109 Catapult 320 43384320-outstanding females
LF 447 Achievement 3063 43404454-sie of Anchor & Torque
LF 2062 Anchor 3063 6064 43735964-unique phenotype
CRR 511 Screeshot 745 43846897-calving ease, calves are stout
LF 4087 Torque 3063 7074 43834694-National Class winner, super stout
KJ BJ 309C Leader 182F 43930534-calving ease
HPH Provident 9580 903 44044813-calving ease
NJW 160Z 8Y Homegrown 136G ET 44056511- Double Bred 73S
CRR 8Y Homegrown 057-elite dam
Innisfail 8711 4013 2047 ET-great Leader dam